Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good Fortune

Mark Bittman has been so kind as to let me write a post for his blog at nytimes.com.  If you’re not familiar with Bitten, you should change that—it’s a great source of recipes and culinary musings by Mark and other food writers who know what they’re talking about but don’t take themselves too seriously.


Sharon said...

I just discovered your blog in reading Bitten. Very interesting topic, well-handled.

I was a vegetarian when I came to Paris for my junior year abroad, fifteen years ago, and began eating meat again, too. I have never stopped. (I also came back to live in Paris, but that's another story.)

What I like most is the complexity of certain kinds of meats/animal products. A steak doesn't do it for me, but boudin noir or sweetbreads or brain (yes, I also like the way the French are upfront about the physical, anatomical reality of the animals being consumed) are delightful, complex pleasures.

In an earlier post, you asked which meat(s) you should imperatively try. Please do not leave France without having a good confit de canard.

Gillsnthrills said...

Very interesting topic. I'm a pescetarian and lived for a year in Spain. I never ate meat there, but lately I've been thinking that I'll try to be more flexible next time I travel. I'll be following your blog with interest.

Laura said...

Thanks to both. Sharon, I have another friend who insists that I try confit de canard, too, so I'll have to try to fit it in my last week. Any restaurant suggestions?

Samantha said...

I left a comment on the Bitten Board this morning, and was excited to see it posted tonight, since I have never felt compelled to comment on an article before. But when I saw my comment, excited as I was, I was so turned off by some of the vicious things people were saying about you and YOUR decisions. I was appalled, frankly, and just wanted to say, once again, that I was thrilled to see such an article, and am always glad to see Mark Bittman talk about easing up on meat, or post recipes for meatless meals. Vegetarianism is a personal choice. You are not trying to force your ideals on people. The commenters would never say such harsh things about someone talking about their choice in religion, or sexuality. You should be proud to be published in the NYTimes, but the people who left those awful comments should really be ashamed.

-Samantha (my comment is under this name, too, and I talked about my time in France and Florence.)